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Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup B.V. is a meat processing company specializing in rosé veal. We deliver consistant quality to both domestic and foreign partners. We have over fifty years of experience with both slaughter and boning. We prefer to keep as much control as possible. Customers are not just a number and our focus is on delivering top quality every day with the best service for our customers.

Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup


Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup B.V. started in the mid sixties with a cattle slaughterhouse in Holten. When the FMD crisis broke out in 2001, the company went through a turbulent period. Slaughter was outsourced after that period, and Chris Hogeslag kept control of sales and boning. ‘

In 2012 the company moved to Borculo. Slaughter no longer takes place here, just the boning. The focus has shifted over the years from beef to rosé veal. Calves are currently slaughtered in Apeldoorn and the carcasses go to Borculo for processing.

Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup B.V.

Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup is a meat processing company specialized in rosé veal. We are known for the consistant top quality of our products. We deliver products adapted to our customers’ requirements and keep control over the entire process as much as possible.

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Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup B.V.

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