The chain

The high quality of our rosé veal is partly due to the directing role we take on ourselves within the chain. We are in contact with all the links and we handle a lot ourselves. We constantly monitor our partners for quality and process management and monitor the health of the animals. Our production chain is clear and transparent and ensures that you get the best veal.

Cold Store

The purchase of calves is done through a purchasing organization. It has an overview of which animals are present at which companies in the Netherlands. They select only the best calves for us and are involved with feed composition and housing.


The livestock farms we work with are under strict supervision. Our inspector also regularly visits the companies and then examines the hygiene on the farm and the living conditions of the animals.

Vlees hangend

Slaughter of the calves that are processed by us, is currently done by Ameco in Apeldoorn. This company is within an acceptable transport distance of our company. The abbatoir works according to all applicable rules and supplies clean and fresh meat.


Cutting takes place in our own cutting plant in Borculo. The carcasses arrive cooled and are processed into cuts as the customer requires. We constantly monitor the quality of the meat and carefully monitor all conditions.


We prefer to sell our meat directly to the customer. Occasionally something needs to be stored. This is done at Grolleman in Apeldoorn, where large quantities of meat can be frozen quickly by means of freezing tunnels.


About two to three times a day we transport carcasses from the abbatoir to our cutting plant. By arranging the transport ourselves, we are flexible in our planning and we can monitor the transport quality ourselves. Shipment of our products is mainly arranged by the customers. If required, we also transport products for the customer.


The majority of our products find their way outside of the Netherlands, within Europe, where our Dutch veal is available in supermarkets and restaurants. In the Netherlands, mainly butchers and catering establishments are our customers. They process the technical parts that we supply into end products for the consumer.

Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup B.V.

Chris Hogeslag Foodgroup is a meat processing company specialized in rosé veal. We are known for the consistant top quality of our products. We deliver products adapted to our customers’ requirements and keep control over the entire process as much as possible.

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